East Tao Pharmacy is designed to provide a comprehensive herbal nutritional service to the practitioner of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This Pharmacy features the following characteristics:


Comprehensive coverage of TCM Practice

East Tao Pharmacy is providing a range of formulas to cover most diseases a TCM doctor deals with in their family practice. Presently, there are 126 East Tao Formulas available, which in proper combination will allow practitioners to successfully treat the majority of their patients.


High effect and ease of use

The East Tao Pharmacy formulas have been formulated by Dr. Zhao

who has long experience and rich knowledge of TCM and herbal pharmacology, and each formula is well rooted in the following aspects of consideration:

a). TCM Traditional theory—especially the TCM Bing Ji (pathology-etiology) theory—has been fully respected in the development of these formulas; each formula’s energetic action and which classic formula it is based on is clearly stated;

b) The formulas reflect the advancement of modern research (pharmacology) while maintaining the ethics of the traditional TCM theoretical system;

c) Each formula has been proven through long years of practical use in the clinical doctor’s practice;

d) According to the Formula’s unique features and clinical applications, different formulas are produced in various forms: liquid concentrates, extract powders, capsules and tablets. For example, the ‘Wind-Cold Formula” is available in liquid form to achieve immediate effect, while “A Plus” is in the tablet form for long-term maintenance use.


High quality and safe for either short- or long-term use

To guarantee high quality and safety, the formulas of East Tao Pharmacy are made in a U.S. GMP factory where only the highest quality herbs are utilized and a process of elimination of pathogens is introduced to guarantee that the product is contaminant free. We don’t use animal products and try not use herbs with potential toxic


Even though all East Tao Formulas are guaranteed safe for short- and long-term use, due to individual sensitivities to Chinese herbs, occasionally a patient may have some discomfort after taking the herbs.  If a reaction happens, suggest that the patient reduce the herb dose, take a break for a few days, or stop taking them entirely.

Most of the formulas’ contraindications are energetic in nature—for example, the heat clearing formulas should not be used for people with cold syndrome, and the moving blood formulas should not be prescribed for pregnant women, etc. So it is highly recommended that our formulas be prescribed by practitioners with knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).


Free On-line Consultation (coming soon)

If you have a difficult case and would like advice, we invite you to take advantage of our free on-line consulting service at

We hope you enjoy using East Tao products and wish you much success in your practice.

                                                       Dr. Kezhuang Zhao D.O.M



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