Appendix III. HOW TO PRESCRIBE         


Step One:   Straight up Diagnosis

We suggest the perfect TCM diagnosis should include the following two parts: 

1). Name of the Disease                                                                            In TCM clinical diagnosis the name of the disease could be: a.) the major symptoms, such as headache, diarrhea, etc. or b.) Western medical disease, such as hypertension, diabetes or c.) the diseases by TCM terms, such as “Gan Mao,” “Wind Stroke,” or “Bi Syndrome.”

2). Syndromes which include the primary syndrome and with or

without secondary Syndromes or other syndromes


Example 1:


Lower back pain (named by major syndrome) due to

Blood Stasis blocking the lower body Yang Meridians  (primary syndrome) and Kidney Essence and Liver Blood Deficiency with Bone-Sinew Weakness (the secondary syndrome)


Example 2:


Emphysema (named by western diagnosis) due to

Watery phlegm blocking lungs (primary syndrome) and

Kidney Qi and Spleen Qi deficiency with Lung Qi failing to descend (secondary syndromes)


Example 3:


Ling Syndrome (Named by TCM term disease) due to

Damp Heat Blocking the Lower Jiao (primary syndrome)

and Kidney Yin Deficiency with Kidney Qi-Hua Dysfunction (secondary syndrome)

     *In our Programs, syndromes are identified according to TCM    

     Bing-Ji theory. A standard Bing-Ji syndrome should be able

     to tell both the Bing-Ji (pathology and etiology) and Bing-Wei

     (sickness location), but with the Bing-Ji being the primary 



Step Two: Set up Treatment Principles*


Depending on the individual case, a TCM doctor’s treatment may

1). Focus On the Basic Bing-Ji Factors, usually on Cold, Heat, Dampness, Phlegm, Qi-Blood Stagnation or deficiency, which is the favorable “cut root” treatment;

2). Focus On the Secondary Bing-Ji factor, usually on the dysfunctions of organ or meridians. Through balancing the troubled organ functions, we are often able to achieve the immediate improvement of body condition for particular disorders and symptom relief; for example, in the case of depression, we try to promote Liver’s Shu-Xie function then relieve the symptom of depression; and help the case of asthma by promoting the Lung’s ascending-descending function to improve the lungs’ condition and relieve the asthma symptoms

3). Focus On the disease: depending on which term you have used to name the disease, the strategy of treatment includes directly relieving the major symptoms, or pharmacologically treating the western medical condition, or treating the TCM term named diseases.


*Sometimes a combination of several strategies are necessary to accomplish the treatment principles, but keep in mind the primary focus of your treatment.


Step Three: Choose the Right Formulas


To meet your Treatment Principle, you should choose the proper formula or combination of several formulas. East Tao Herb Pharmacy offers more than 100 effective clinical formulas for you to choose from; also our Formula Index-I and -II will help guide you to the right choice,

such as:

for the case of asthma due to the failure of lung’s descending function which is caused by watery phlegm blocking lungs and with wind-cold tightening the lungs

a). if your treatment is to focus on dispelling Wind-Cold, there are several formulas that can be chosen:

-Wind-Cold Formula


-Minor Blue Dragon

b). if your treatment is to focus on purging the watery phlegm and to promote lungs’ descending, you may choose:

-Ting Li Compound

c). if your treatment is to focus on balancing the lungs’ descending function and relieve the symptom of asthma, you may choose:

M. Plus

d). if your treatment is to cover all the above principles, the combination of above mentioned formulas is recommended.

 *The differences of above formulas are described in our product catalog or formula indexes

The following are a few more examples of clinical cases:

Case One:    

    Diagnosis: “Gan-Mao” due to Wind-Heat attacking body surface

    and lungs

    Treatment Principle:  Focus treatment on dispelling Wind-Heat 

    from body surface and lungs.

    Suggested Formulas: -Light Clearing or A.V.A.


Case Two:

    Diagnosis: PMS due to Liver Shu-Xie Dysfunction and disharmony

    of Chong-Ren Uterus.

   Treatment Principle:  Focus on balancing the Liver’s Shu-Xie

    function and harmonizing the Chong-Ren Uterus.

   Suggested Formulas: -Women’s Relaxing


Case Three:

    Diagnosis: Hypertension due to Liver Yang Uprising that is

    Caused by Kidney Yin Deficiency and deficient fire

    Treatment Principle: Focus on lowering the blood pressure while

    balancing the uprising liver Yang and tonifying the kidney Yin, and

    purging the deficient fire

    Suggested Formulas: a combination is recommended

    -Luo Bu Ma Compound (to lower the blood pressure) with

    -G. Plus (to balance the uprising liver Yang) and

    -Energy R (to tonify the kidney Yin and purge the deficient fire)


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